Friday, July 23, 2010

Feeling more like home every day...

It's been about a month since we have lived here, and I find myself still oraganizing, and cleaning everyday. It seems to go on forever. Ive had a few complaints about the lack of pictures, so even though there are piles everywhere, here ya go...Funny, I said I always hated face houses and this is my second one... Front sitting/piano room
Look at this huge family desparate need of curtains.

To the left leads to a powder room, laundry room, and garage, and to the right is the stairs, front room, and front door.

Ivy's room that took of a wierd shade in the pic. It looks better in person.
The loft that never stays clean

Kyrie's room. Still in progressMaster BedroomMaster Bath


Amber said...

I love all your pictures. It looks super nice! Your kids are adorable.

Beth said...

The new house looks great. Glad you're getting settled and it's starting to feel like home! We sure miss you guys here, though.

Sex in VanCity said...

Your place looks awesome!! Good job... I could use someone like you at my house lol!

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jaffar said...

I Love It..

myrtle said...

WoW! Such a wonderful house.=D
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johny said...

house is beauty

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