Friday, June 11, 2010

Keepin cool

So the Summer has been hot so far.... a good 107 Degrees, and climbing. So I don't want to hear any complaining from y'all up north. I'm holding my breath that we can acclimate fast. It's been interesting trying to keep these girls busy. The toughest part is the girls want to read alot, and we can't get a library card yet. How do you explain to a kid that we don't have an address. Ivy blows through the Disney Fairy book in a day. I had to get kyrie 500 page book, that was a little out of her reading level so she wouldn't read so fast. Books can be expensive even at a used bookstore!

The other thing that we do to pass the heat, is swimming. And the girls are havin fun. Whenever I need to punish them is take away their swimming for the day, and they are miserable! Kyrie used to be quite scared, but has improved so much that yesterday, she was diving down to 8ft to see if she could touch the bottom. She was quite determined until she finally did it. Ivy is a regular little sea monkey. I still make her keep her floaties on because I know how crazy she can be. She's not afraid of anything! That worries me.