Friday, May 28, 2010

Arizona's scenery

It has been a wild and crazy ride the past couple of weeks. We are finally in Arizona, living in temporary housing while our house is being finished. It's been a little crazy trying to keep these kids busy. Sadly we got here just in time for it to get hot! Yesterday broke 100 degrees already. It's not too bad yet, we mostly stay indoors during the afternoon. The morning and evenings are quite cool. The only weird thing is that Arizona does not have daylight savings, so sunrise is at 5:30. I don't really like that. The other thing that worried me when we decided to come here, was the desert landscaping, but I'm happy to say it is quite the opposite of what I expected. The plants may not be lush and green, but they are quite beautiful in their own way. They are starting to grow on me. Take a peek.....Our cute little adobe rentalLots of pokey things down here. The girls have figures out the hard way not to touch!There is quite and abundance of flowersI didn't realize there were mountains down here....
This is a saugaro(suwaro) cactus. They say each arm takes 60-90 years to grow, and it is unlawful to cut down.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

empty shell

This picture depicts perfectly how I feel right now. A quiet longing, a sadness from leaving a beloved place.
It's been kind of a depressing week as we have been packing. Kyrie keeps complaining about how the house feels so sad because there are no pictures on the walls. It feels as if you have taken the "us" out of it. It is just an empty shell right now that will soon belong to someone else. The part that really got me in the picture is Kyrie's little tail. She's trying soo hard to be grown up, but inside she's still so little. Leaving the place that she has felt so comfortable the past two years is a big scary thing. Sometimes I feel so bad for these kids, having to move around every two years. I wonder if we are doing the right thing. There is no way to tell what dramatic effect this will have on their future, but I hope that the constant push outside of their comfort zone will make them stronger....