Saturday, March 20, 2010

One snow day (part2)

Kyrie took this One, I think she did great!

One day of snow...

We went to the zoo two days ago in 65 Degree weather. I was also out in the yard cleaning up and started getting so excited that may plants were starting to come up, and look what we get... more snow. I love the fickle weather out here. We can always use the moisture so I can't complain. It was cold and windy, but we decided to try and take advantage of it because it will be melted by tomorrow.
Lily loved eating it, but as you can see she only lasted a few minutes.

Oh by the way, it's almost certain we will be moving to Arizona in a few months.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hand me downs

It's hard being third in line, and receiving all the hand me downs. The clothes are a little worn, or maybe a little faded. And in this case, your tights have a hole in the toe...

Love it! just keep smiling and maybe no one will notice...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ivy turns 5

Ivy is 5. My crazy strong willed little girl is 5 already. A few things about you this year...

  • Ivy you are too smart for your own good, and me for that matter. What am I going to do in future years? You are constantly sneaking around to get what you want.

  • Whispering is not your forte, especially in church.

  • You are a quick learner, and have been reading since you were four.

  • You work the cell phone better than mom does by sending notes to dad, and recording messages that mom didn't even know were there.

  • You are fearless, except for when Kyrie convinces you there are monsters in the basement. You love meeting new people.

  • You are my little tomboy who would rather play in the mud and with dinosaurs than wear frilly dresses. In fact, you could care less what you wear at all.

  • You love puzzles, one or two every day it seems like.

  • You are my little space heater, you love being warm, and it's a must that you come and show me how hot you are.

  • Every second I'm not watching you sneak onto the computer.

  • You love your baby sister soo much that you are often picking her up and carting her around often to her frustration.

  • Dinosaur Train is your favorite show

  • Fruit-a-bu is your favorite snack right now

  • You still like bugs...

  • Your favorite color is yellow.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby's 1st birthday

So, the little baby has had her 1st birthday. I can't believe it! I wish I had a better memory so I could constantly replay all the sweet little moments that have come and gone. I've tried so much harder this time around to savor every little babyism. I guess I've finally woke up to this on the third child. Meal times, diaper changes, and bed times are not such a chore. And mostly I find myself snuggling as long as I can. Lily has turned out to be a good little hugger. I cherish every time she lays her head on my shoulder. Why does growing up happen so fast? Sweet baby, I hope to always remember you this way...

birthday cupcake with yummy cashew cream