Friday, November 20, 2009

Not a baby anymore!

What is this?? I asked myself the other day. This is not the face of my little baby. This is the beginnings of a toddler that is growing up way too fast. Granted she is only 9 months old, but these 9 months went by faster than I expected. Lily has already mastered many feats that took my other girls much longer. #1 She has eight teeth, she waves, she claps, she CLIMBS stairs, and is learning very quickly to come back down. She laughs when you get mad at her for pulling all the geraniums off the stems. Unrolls all the toilet paper. Jumps in the bath with the girls when not invited. Her hair is a constant mess from pulling out clips. If she's getting into this kind of trouble now, what am I going to do in a few months? Thinking of this makes me reminisce, so I've pulled out a couple pics to show her growth. Gotta love her!

Kel's amazingness

This post(as are many others) is long over due! Amonth or so ago, Kel finished his huge project of the summer. He designed and figured out how to build this beautiful deck. A huge feat I think, since he's never done anything like this before. Wow! I'm so happy everytime I go outside. No more sand to walk through, no more dirt being tracked in the house. Thanks kel! You are amazing! (as a side note of my amazingness, I found all the perenials to go around the deck at 75% off, so they were 1.25-2.50 each. I scored big time! that's what you get for waiting til the last week in the season to buy plants.) This was the last big project of the yard. If you remember from when we bought this place it was a big sand hill. It's nice to be almost done, ironically just in time to move.