Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Three months

Here are a few more pictures, Lily is three months now. It sounds like such a short time, and yet feels like she has been with our familyfor much much longer. I guess sleep deprivation will do that to you. I am still waiting for my brain to come back, I forget so many things. Actually sleep has become more frequent lately, on average lily will sleep six hours before waking up, twice she has slept eight hours. I jumped for joy when I saw that. I hope it happens again. Lily also has started singing. Or just a series of long coos. She would never take a binkie, and trust me I tried very hard, three seperate kinds . Maybe that is what makes all my kids so vocal early on. We just learn to deal with the crying too.

I think that I have grown more patient over the years, because this child doesn't seem as hard or trying as the last two. Or maybe I just have great help from Kyrie and Ivy. But really how could you ever get mad when they have a face like this???

Blowing bubbles in her sleep