Monday, January 19, 2009


Kyrie: Dad, you would be a good policeman?

Kel: What? Why?

Kyrie: Because you are really good at yelling...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nesting? Yes!

Well hey, I have no idea where the time goes, but honestly, I think that I have been staying away from this blog, because everytime I get on there is a constant reminder of how many days I have left till my due date. And quite frankly 29 just doesn't seem like enough right now. I still have a list a mile long of all the things that I would like to have done before she comes, and it's just not getting any shorter. Plus the thought of bringing another child in this world kind of worries me. Oh sure, I can feed them, change them, bathe them, that kind of thing, but can I be enough in all the other facets of life? Are my children learning, striving, and growing spiritually? I guess I'm just a worry wort, but it doesn't help that I feel so roly poly and not so fun right now. Ok, cry time over, other than that I feel great.

January has been a crazy month, we sold a car, and bought a car, no more little civic for me. We finally bought a family car. Kel picked out a nissan pathfinder with every gadget possible. I laughed when he had to ship it in from the East Coast.

Kelly entered a wrestling tournament, which may not have been his best ever, but it was something that he's been wanting to do for a while, and I'm glad he had his shot. He was a junior high wrestling coach for about six years, but hasn't really wrestled for about ten. And about ten years older than everyone else. I think that he held his own reasonable well considering his age, and no practice. I teased him that he was having his mid-life crisis early, can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

I painted my bedroom, and bathroom and am trying to organize everything in my entire house. Funny huh?

A few of close friends threw me a surprise baby shower. It had to be a surprise because they all knew how much I love attention, and I told them I didn't need nor what anything. But they didn't listen, and their generosity really helped out. I came home with a new stroller/carseat, tons of diapers, and cute tiny little baby clothes. After moving four times, I gave a lot of my baby stuff away, so it was nice to have friends that showed how much they cared by not listening to a word I say!