Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween costumes

A crazy halloween this year. Kyrie had 2 halloween birthday parties, a zoo extravaganza, a neighborhood party, a ward party, and of course trick-or-treating. At first she wanted to be a witch (a good witch- that still looked traditionally bad) so I made her a costume ( which wasn't nearly up to par as Project Runway, but I was still proud of myself since I made it up as I went along). I guess she didn't like it very much though, because after wearing it to one party she opted for something completly different to the next party. A snow fairy, wearing a white dress and a crown. Even then to the next party she decided to be something a little more tradional, Cinderella. I keep asking myself, why did I spend so much time making the first costume when she would only wear it once or twice??? But then again, I guess this holiday only comes along once a year and is an oppertunity to dress-up as much as she likes. I shouldn't try and stop her.

Brielle on the other had was completly content just being a unicorn, or "unitorn" in her words. BUT, she would correct you if you called her a horse, mylittle pony, cowgirl or anything of the like. At least I have one semi-easy girl.

Pumpking Carving

Well, I must confess, I have intentionallly been keeping myself way from the computer lately. I don't know why, other than Kel has been out for buisness for almost two weeks, and it was too annoying to think about blogging while I'm home alone, so I did all I could to keep busy.
Kel got home late the night before Halloween. SO we saved our pumpkin carving til he was here. He wasn't too happy that I saved this particular activity til he got home, but the kids wanted so badly for him to be here to carve with them, so he willing obliged (he hates everything pumpkins). Notice the look on his face. The kids designed the faces--a must, he did the carving, and I cleaned out most of the insides. Why do I always get the messy jobs??? Kyrie did get alot of hers, Brielle wouldn't even try, and there was no way Kel would even get close to the gunk inside. He gagged once or twice just smelling it. I could only laugh, am I so mean making him share this moment with his kids?It doesn't flick off no matter how hard you try...Love kel's disgusted face...

This is actually a couple day after halloween. Kyrie's is on the left, and Brielle's is right.