Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I feel like such a nerd. But I'm blaming it all on being pregnant, and having a craving....tonight I fed my children Spaghetti O's for dinner. But before you become too shocked, know this was a 1st for them, they enjoyed it immensely and wondered why they had never had this before. Of course, I added a few of my own ingredients, so it tasted a lot better than was originally intended, but I just couldn't tell them that this was possibly a main staple in some children's diet. Now there is nothing wrong if other moms choose to feed their kids this tasty meal, but for my own it was a special treat, one they may never have again. Only because I look for something a little more wholesome, like mac n' cheese. I'm just kidding. It was enough this one time for me to relive my own childhood memories. I remember hoarding a whole can to myself, adding the cheese, and spices, picking up each individual O on the end of my fork (this was sometimes a lengthy process). MMMM the good ol' days. I could be missing home a little too much, or maybe I'm just pregnant...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And you thought you would have to drag it out of me

Shocking this would be a hard post for me to write, but maybe it's time that I come out in the open and freely admit that I am jumping on the bandwagon. I guess it would be more accurate to say that I am being thrown on the bandwagon, because I didn't really plan it this way. That being said, yes, we are expecting our third child. And none too soon, little Brielle will be 4 next March. I never planned to have such a big gap. But then I've never been able to plan anything in my life.

Time has flown by a lot faster than expected, mostly because I wasn't paying any attention to the timing, or any significant events that would tell me when I was due. So at the ultrasound yesterday, it was quite a shock when the baby was measuring almost a month earlier than I initially thought. I just thought I was getting really fat. The midwife estimated that I was about 17 weeks along, which would put my due date about Feb. 16. (Sorry Brooke, I didn't mean to). But who knows, it could change again. I'm just along for the ride. Sorry guys, I didn't mean to keep it a secret for so long, I just don't like talking about myself.

So there you go, you are the second person I have told so far (most people in my family heard it from someone else).

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor day activities

We've had a busy little weekend, starting with Friday, we stopped in at a art gallery that Kyrie has been wanting to go to for a while now. It was alright, they mostly had modern art, and Kyrie isn't quite into that yet. It was good to see some different styles though. While we were there, I was given a map of where a few other museums were and found this park quite by accident. I love happy accidents! Turns out there was this huge revolving art sculpture that had water flowing out around it at the bottom, and it was OK for kids to play in! yea! So, we ended up hanging out out for a while. I hoped they would just get their feet wet, but they did about everything but drink the water. A little rain cleared the park out so we almost had the place to ourselves. I wanted to take pictures but they didn't cooperate very well. Sad part was I practically had to drag the kids away. Afterward we went and stopped at a pioneer museum, but didn't stay long because the kids were sopping wet and freezing cold. I am finding that the more we get out and about, Colorado isn't quite so bad. I guess I just take longer to get used to change.

Amazingly, Kel had the day off on Saturday, which doesn't come by too often so we started our day off early. We thought it a good idea to see a couple of the sights around town. First we went to the Manitou Springs cliff dwellings. The kids enjoyed climbing in through the houses and seeing first had how the Indians lived first hand. That is until they got in trouble for not listening to their parents. Their idea of "exploring" left them a little lost amongst the dwellings and crying for help from a stranger. We could have gone in and saved them the trouble, but thought they needed to learn a lesson. Did they learn it? I have no idea.

Next we went a for a short hike and lovely scenic drive through the famous Garden of the Gods. Yes, it was a very short hike because someone was in a very grumpy mood, so we decided to leave early . The mountains were very beautiful. Kel and I decided that we would have to come back by ourselves because maybe the kids were still a little too young to appreciate it.

We were on our way to the zoo next, so a certain child could cheer up, but then, suddenly clouds came out and it started to rain ( and the zoo was a bit crowded) so we decided to go up to the "Shrine on the Mountain" which was included in our zoo membership and explored where it was a little less crowded. Turns out there is a little castle (dubbed by princess Kyrie, which is what we had to call her while we were there) dedicated to Will Rogers almost at the top of the mountain. The view was amazing. I almost started getting afraid of heights, almost. There was even a little chapel inside, I don't know why, but the whole thing was very ornate.
It was very unexpected to see such a sight so out of the ordinary all the way at the top of a mountain, but maybe that's what made it so nostalgic.

By, this point a few of us were worn out so we headed home for a short nap, and rejuvenation for the evening activities. We headed over to the balloon festival, which I guess is a big deal, because most of the Colorado Springs citizens were there to see the lighting up of the balloons. There were a ton of balloons and it was a fun sight to see. We were able to go right up to one of them and Kyrie and Brielle could sit in one. I couldn't believe how hot it was by them, of course they had their own little furnaces built right in.

We returned on Monday to watch the morning lift-off. Many balloons flew right over our heads,
touched down on the lake and then lifted off into the sky. Some didn't quite make it in the lake because of a slight wind. But it was fun to see them try. This must be a weird Colorado tradition, I guess it happens every year, and some of the people really get into it, anything for a little entertainment I guess.

The rest of the day was spent with some friends, playing at the park, and then dinner and games at home. It was a very packed, but enjoyable Labor day weekend.