Friday, July 25, 2008

Camping '08

This was a momentous occasion for us. We finally braved nature and her elements, and took the girls camping. I think that the last time that we went was about 3 years ago when Brielle was just a baby. It was a disaster, I think that it ended up raining really bad, and someones diaper blew up, and we forgot a bunch of vital necessities. it was a lovely memory, so we just haven't for a while. A couple days ago we were invited by some friends to go camping the next day of all times, and we jumped at the opportunity. It was so nice to be among the quietness of nature, and feel the peace that it brings. I was so happy to get back amongst the trees. I really miss that. Sometimes I feel like I live at the edge of civilization with the nothings. Well I guess there is dirt. But that's about it! It was nice to be back among the green stuff.

We really had a nice relaxing time, I of course forgot my camera, so you get to witness everything through Kyrie's eyes. She of course didn't forget hers. After driving for about and hour, we found a nice little campsite away from everyone, and right next to the river (which kept me company at night when I was too uncomfortable to sleep). Our little site had a lot of visitors when we were away hiking. Silly me left the Rice Krispies out on the table and someone came and nibbled a hole through the bag to get the good stuff. Brielle loved the chipmunks! Every time she saw one she would act like it was the first time ever. These little guys came back and visited us often, hoping we would share some more food. Which I'm sure the kids did, unsupervised. We also saw a couple deer, bunnies, lots of ants, and heard a lot of sounds in the middle of the night that sounded like bears.
I am not overreacting, ok maybe I am.

The hike that we went on was breathtaking, in more ways that one. It was right alongside the river, which was very fast moving. I worried every time that the little kids climbed around the rocks that one was going to fall in and be swept downriver in a heartbeat. To mention those rocks, they were huge, I don't think that I've ever seen any that big right alongside the river. It was like someone placed them there on purpose. Crazy, the kids had a blast scrambling up and down them, throwing everything they could find into the river. Amazingly enough we managed to keep them together with out falling in themselves.

The kids were so worn out that they went promptly to bed by dark, and the adults were free to sit around that campfire and just talk. That was nice to have an adult conversation for that long period of time without any interruptions. The stars seemed so bright, they seemed to hold our attention for a long time, and we seemed so close. We were probably close to about 8000ft elevation. I guess that one good reason for being so high up. you get to see the stars better.

We ate the ever fated tin foil dinners, and followed it up with smores. The kids were in heaven. And also really sticky! I had to close my eyes to all the times they put their hands in their mouths after sliding down the hill. They were absolutely filthy. And they slept in the same sleeping bag as me. (note to self: clean out sleeping bags) I think that they also got a little extra protein. Well they survived so I guess its Ok.

Kelly was super excited to finally have an excuse to take his new truck off roading. Gosh that things a monster! He thinks we will get a lot of use out of it, but I think we'll sell it the first chance we get! It has come in handy a couple times though. He loves it but I won't miss it.

SO camping was a success, I think that we will try it again some time!

Friday, July 18, 2008

My little Kyrie bug

It's too easy for me to get caught up in the crazy hectic-ness of life and put off blogging. But I finally took these pictures off my camera, and had to share a few things that I love about Kyrie, since I didn't really for her birthday.
My little shadow, I see her, and she reminds me too much of myself, it scares me. I can't help but sympathize with her frustrations when she can't be perfect at something the first time through.
She is very conscious of the feelings of those around her, and wants everyone to be happy.
She loves, loves the beautiful things of nature. She changes her name every other day to flower or animal names.
She still gets mad when she can't decide what she wants to be when she grows up, neither can I.
Kyrie is highly into collecting things. The other day, we went to the zoo, and two things were on her mind. Sketching the animals and her surrounding, and collecting things. An abbreviated list includes, a mushroom, pine cone, several kinds of feathers (no matter how much I told her they were dirty or disease ridden), flowers, a rock or two. Oh my goodness, I have so many rocks lying around my house it's not funny! She is such a goof, I can't help but loving her to death. The other day, she wouldn't let me throw away some egg shells because she wanted to use them in a nest she was building. The nest is on my front porch surrounded by rocks so it won't blow away again. She thrives on being artsy fartsy like that. But honestly, I don't know where she gets it. I've been too busy this week sewing six different curtains, painting a few walls, transplanting a few plants into bigger pots, deciding a new color scheme for my room, resurrecting a few old piano songs, and other odd and end things to do anything fun like that.... hmmmm. Maybe I should do some more fun stuff instead of working all the time.
She's my little twin and we will always be on the same team!
As a side note, she finally let me cut her hair. I took about six inches off is all, but it makes all the difference in combing her sensitive little head. She has always wanted hair like Sleeping Beauty, but I think that the pain finally got to her. She still is very cute. And sorry mom, that you had to put up with a little screaming urchin like me when it came to trying to keep your daughter presentable. I applaud you in all you had to do to comb my hair. The only difference now is that Kyrie wants to look beautiful, and I didn't care....sorry you couldn't have your little princess after 5 boys! But if it makes any difference you can comb my hair anytime!

yea me?

Ok, so for any of those that have been following closely or waiting for some kind of answer as to how I did in my little singing comp.....I finally received word. No, I didn't win. That's alright, but I did make the top twenty. Yeah! And that's about what I expected. I learned a lot and I'm glad that I tried it. Thanks to y'all for all of your support!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Kyrie!

Ok, so i've been a horrible blogger lately. A couple things have been distracting me , but that's no excuse to not write on your daughters birthday. Here I am a day late, but hopefully I'll be forgiven. Dear little Kyrie is 6 years old, I really can't believe it. She seems to have grown up way too fast, knowing exactly what she wants and when she wants it. Like this year she wanted a huge surprise birthday party, she about planned the whole thing herself. I didn't know how we were going to make that happen since she only has about 2 friends here in Colorado so far. So, while we were in Utah, we had an early, very impromptu, birthday party with most of her cousins. Complete with a slip'n'slide, squirt guns, treasure hunt, horsie rides, and cupcakes with sprinkles. I hope she found it worthy of her dreams. She has so many dreams though, I hope I can keep up with her.
Yesterday, for her real birthday, we had pancakes with strawberries and whipping cream (all her idea), she then played with about 5 friends while choir practice was at our house, we went to the dollar theatres, then for dinner we went to a glorified "chucky cheese" type place called IT'Z. My goodness it was a crazy day, well spent though. We did have a lot of fun!!! I'm glad I got to spend it with my girls (kel is of course out of town). I often work too hard saving money instead of celebrating the special times I have with these little ones. I wish that every day could be made a special. Happy Birthday Kyrie, we love you!

Best friends and cousins Landon, and Wesley, playing in a bucket, why not? I'm sure she had a hard time thinking of just one wish!

Kyrie and her uncle Jensson teasing her about throwing her in the alien spaceship thingie.

A few progressive pictures of sliding down the slip 'n' slideLittle Brielle isn't so little anymore. she can hang with the big kids.

Squirt guns galore, and grammy jan right in the middle of it all!
Cousin Dakota just begging for a picture
Horsie rides on the ever beloved Lad

Thursday, July 3, 2008

firm in the faith demo

still trying to decide if I really like this demo, let me know how you feel... to listen, just click on the title and it will take you to the link. thanks!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So we are home from a quick trip to Utah. I think that I'm just about recovered from the stress of it all. We went out there for a seminar on the subject of "Breaking into the LDS Music Industry" at the Salt palace. This is a topic that I have been thinking about for a while now, but obviously had no idea where to start. Thankfully, I received a whole boatload of information. Things like:

  • the differences between A record label artist, and independant artist, and studio vocalist. Where you fit, and what you need to do to get there.
  • How much it cost to produce and album (would you believe anywhere between 25-50 thousand, sometimes more?)
  • What makes an intriguing singer, with a lot of critiques.
  • Balancing home and family life with a singing career.
  • Creating a Demo that gets the deal
  • Ways to get your foot in the door

It was an eye opener, to say the least. The LDS market is twice as hard to make a profit as the normal music industry. It's just not as big, and and harder to get your name out there. But it is possible. All in all a fun night. It was put on by Jenny Phillips and Tyler Castleton, with performances by Hilary Weeks, Peter Brienholt, and Mercy River. The second part of the whole event was the chance to compete for a single on Jenny Phillips annual youth CD. There was a song sent out to those who signed up so we could practice, then we had a slotted time in a real live studio. It was a fun experience, I was a little nervous, and I think that I did the best that I could. I received some good feedback, but I'm really not expecting too much. This is just a stepping stone for me. How they could pick one finalist out of 160 participants, is beyond me. Seems like a daunting task. But they post the results the 14th of July. Thanks to all my family who listened to me rehearse relentlessly and for all their feedback, so I could make it my own. But in the end they wanted a straight recording with no variances. I figure it's their song, better give them what they want. I'm hoping to post the song as soon as it is turned into a MP3. Hopefully I can figure that out. I'll post the other events of the week too.