Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jane Austen quiz

After discussing with my Sister-in-law and realizing the error of my ways I am now happy to say that this is who I am really like!

I am Elinor Dashwood!

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Finally connected!

Holy cow! I feel like I'm just coming back into the land of the living. We officially have the Internet hooked up after a couple visits from Comcast. Now I can finally be connected to friends and family again. The past week and a half has seemed to fly by, with a lot of hard work and organizing, my brain feels about numb. Amazingly enough we ended up closing on the 18th after a lot of the "on again off again" routine. That was a huge headache that I'm glad to have over. Closing on a bank-owned home is so much harder because there is no motivated interest on the other side to get anything done. But it's over and we are breathing easy once again, well metaphorically speaking. It's been a little something getting used to the elevation here. I didn't expect a huge difference, but I have noticed the little changes. I feel a lot more tired in the afternoon (maybe that's just because I haven't exercised in a while), it's easy to get light-headed if you get up too fast, jump around, etc. Kel and Kyrie have had a few nose bleeds in the middle of the night. Our hands and lips dry out a lot faster than usual, just little stuff, but it can be quite annoying when you don't feel up to par. Hopefully we will be adjusted here in a little while.
We have had a lot of other little adjustments to make while getting settled in. Like living without a fridge for almost a week (and also a washer and dryer, but that's not as hard). Anyone who knows me, probably understands that I can't buy anything unless it's a huge deal. (it's a curse that I can't buy anything retail). I looked and compared store after store, even Craigslist, until I found Home Depot's clearance sale. Plus I finagled another 20% off through incentives and signing up for their credit card. Finally buying a stainless steel model retailed at $1300 for about $861. Love it when that happens! Plus moving ourselves finally paid off, since we basically had no furniture to fill up this house. With the money we got from moving ourselves, we were able to get the kids some cute little cottage style bunk beds, Kel picked out a cool micro fibre couch, and a black computer desk set. I'm busy painting my scratched and stained kitchen table so we can eventually have a place to sit. I found some matching bookshelves for just about free, now I don't feel so bad for having to give away my last ones. With a little more work this place will finally feel like our own. Meanwhile I continue to scrub off fingerprints from the last owners.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Life is still on hold for just a little bit longer. The drive for Kel and I out to Colorado Springs went very smoothly. It really wasn't bad compared to the 31 hour straight through trip we took before. We only drove about 7 hours a day, and even took a detour up to Nauvoo and Carthage. It was actually a nice little break without the kids. Nothing but the open road, and conversation (of course we used our I-pods a couple of times when we were all talked out). As a little sidenote about Nauvoo, it really was quite an amazing place to be. We enjoyed the testimonies of all the missionaries that served there. But through it all, I couldn't help but wonder what would this little city be like if none of the mormons were forced to leave? This was once the second largest city in all of Illinois boasting of 12,000+ people? Now the surrounding areas seem like a desert among trees, with nothing to boast of anymore. It just was a little obvious to us, how the Lord blesses and prospers His people, and leaves those who want nothing to do with Him. How grateful I am to be on HIS side!
Anyways, Kel and I drove into C. Springs smoothly and uneventfully, and loaded all our stuff into storage, minus a few things that wouldn't fit onto the Truck. FYI, A 17' truck is not really 17 square feet, and the overhang over the cab should not be counted as footage. Needless to say, I had to give away a few things that Kel has been wanting me to get rid of for quite a while. Namely, my dining room chairs, a couple barstools(no bar in the new house), a bookshelf, and Kyrie's daybed, a ficus tree. Mostly stuff I was planning on upgrading anyway, but it was still frustrating, because now I HAVE to. We are supposed to close on our house on the 18th (cross your fingers), so while we are waiting, I flew out to Utah to be with family because temoraryly living in a hotel did not sound very appealing. So Kel is busy working and my Dad has kept me busy here sleeving 12,000 cd's and other odd jobs, and I'm helping Mom finish a couple projects, like planning a bridal shower, paint the bathroom. Fun stuff. The only frustrating thing here is that someone is always on the computer, so forgive me if I don't blog for a while. Thanks to everyone who helped us out on our big move, I hope we find just as good friends....