Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pianoless, again

Yes, its true. I am once again without a piano. There was just no possible way that Kel and I could move it into storage, then into the house after we close. So since I got it for free, I just decided to give it away for free. Now granted it's not perfect and has it's flaws, but I think that I found the perfect recipient who could really appreciate it. I listed the piano on Freecycle (a yahoo group) and had a couple replies. One of them came from the sister of a young Chinese girl who had lost her parents, her grandma recently died, and her grandpa has developed Alzheimer's and was incapable of taking care of her. So, she was adopted by some close friends. She moved from China a year ago, and has been trying hard to fit in, but because of the language barrier, has had a difficult time. She had taken piano lessons before, and has been waiting for the chance to do so again. I felt really good that this was the person I was looking for, and let them know that the piano was theirs. The piano movers came and picked it up yesterday. I was a little sad, but also very glad that I found someone who needed this piece, and who will use it probably more than I did.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thanks Mom!

My mom is a huge blessing in my life. She came out here to Maryland
to spend a few days with us, amidst her busy schedule, to help me out. We played alot, and packed a little. We visited the Maryland Science Center, Easter egg roll, of course, and enjoyed really good food. She was here to hear me sing in church (my best supporter). But the most amazing part is that she then willingly took my kids on a five hour flight to Utah, alone. She watching them out there for a week til I can get back there myself. I hope that Kyrie and Brielle were good on the plane. They absolutely adore her. Brielle calls her Hammy Dan, instead of her usual nickname of Grammy Jan. I hope that she knows how grateful I am to her and how much I admire her. She does so much for her 9 children. 3 of which are still living at home. Thank you younger siblings for giving her up for a few days while she is off rescuing her other children.
She is part of the reason I am so excited to be moving closer to home. She coaches me thru all my silly problems, and shows me that the world is not really as bad as it seems. I love how easy going she is and how she takes everything is stride. She has become a great example of who I hope to be someday! Thanks mom, for giving so much of yourself to those around you. Love you!

Big squeezes from all of us back here!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Egg Roll at the White House 2008

Easter was very special this year, since we were able to spend the day at the White House. And all of it was thanks to Kel who braved the freezing weather to campout all night long to get tickets for us to go. He even got and hour or two of sleep before he had to go to work the next day. But from what I heard, he did have a good time hanging out with the boys. The sad part is that he didn't get to join in the festivities because he had to work. We just won't tell him what he missed out on. :)

We started out bright and early riding the Metro down to DC. It was kinda chilly but soon warmed up to amazing weather considering it was supposed to snow and rain. We feasted on yummy breakfast burritos and fruit. Somehow, they gave us extra, but we didn't complain! Then it was off to the hunt with the other millions of people. Seriously it was packed, but there was so much to do that all moved smoothly. I was amazed at the whole production that went on and was then catered free to the lucky ticket holders. Everything was decorated beautifully!

Some of the events:

* The egg roll was classic. Kyrie whapped the egg two lanes over halfway through and need some rescuing. Brielle was slow and steady, but she did it.

* There were characters everywhere. Brielle wanted to hug everyone. She loved Maisy the most. Kyrie wanted to see Littlefoot very badly. She just recently watched Land Before Time.

* We got to see George Bush Sr. He was just a couple yards away.

* Kyrie was in heaven painting a mural on a huge wall. She painted CTR so everyone would think about choosing the right. I had to drag her away so we could do other fun things.

* During the Egg hunt, Kyrie found the Golden Egg (which I thought was fair, since all the bigger kids pushed her out of the way to get to the front of the line). She won a cool t-shirt. And little Brielle, I don't think found one single egg. She did have amazing technique though. She would pick up big handfuls of straw and throw it over her head into the air, to see if there were any eggs lying beneath. She ended up with a head full of straw. Itchy!

* We were about 10 people away from touching the Jonas Brothers, but gave up after two songs, since other fans were trying their hardest to get a few feet closer.

* I think Kyrie watched 4 different "Magic Show" acts while waiting for Brielle to wake up from her nap. One lady magician really made two doves appear out of thin air, and then changed them into a bunny. I couldn't believe it.

* Face painting is always a bonus. The girls were so still while the artist did her job, that's amazing for Brielle.

* Cool animal shows

* Little reading nooks that we could never get close enough to hear the story.

* The gift bags were super. The coloring books and activities kept the girls busy on their flight to Utah.

* It was fun just walking on the White House grounds, doing what most people will never get to share in. We felt really lucky to be a part of this White House tradition. We have absolutely enjoyed our time in Maryland, and this is one Easter that we will not soon forget.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Libby Lu

So, Kyrie got to go to Libby Lu last week with one of her really good friends, Sarah Connnor. They had a complete blast! We haven't had the chance to go yet, so this was her first time. It was the girliest of girliest things to do, I know, but these two relished in the evening. The girls were treated like princesses for the hour or so that they were there. Complete with a princess hair-do, dressing up, fingernail painting, and even make-up(which by the way, Brielle has gotten into the take home make-up a couple of times and has absolutely done a wonderful job of painting her own face). I was the goofball mom taking pictures just so Kyrie could remember the evening, since she would be saying good-bye to her best friend in a little over a week. She's absolutely dreading it!
As part of the gig they learned the Hannah Montana "Dance". I recorded it for anyone who's interested. It's kinda long, so be forewarned, but I couldn't help myself. As I watched them, I wished that I could be as carefree and easy as a 5 year old again. You see, I'm not a very coordinated dancer, or maybe I just haven't taken the time to learn, but at any rate, I just loved watching the girls have fun and enjoy themselves with out a worry in the world. The sad part was that they looked so grown up for their age, I'm sure it won't be long until they actually do put make-up on, and worry about what they look like. I'm sure that Kyrie won't be the late bloomer like me that wasn't concerned with such frivolity :) until I was 16-17. It seems like kids are growing up sooo much faster these days, actually I'm sure that they are, due in part to the music, and advertising of these days. I just hope that I can keep Kyrie this innocent little one, a little longer.

Kyrie's little gangster pose, I have no idea where she learned this???

Sarah, the rock star...


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Boxes are my new best friend!

Ok, so I haven't been that good of a blogger lately. A lot of times I tend to think that no one really wants to hear about me and my life, and I just keep to myself. Then I have to remind myself that that is just my silly story, and get on with it. Truthfully though, blogging has been really good for me to get out of my shell and improve communication with those around me (and those not around me).
Lately, I have just been starting to pack things up. I know a lot of people think I'm crazy to do this myself, when I could have the company pay to do it all, but I don't really mind. And it will be nice to have a little extra money in my pocket. I just say "new couch, new couch," or "piano", over and over again, and I'm good! My mom is coming out tomorrow to help out(we'll probably just end up playing), but then she is going to take the kids home with her to Utah while we get everything packed and drive out to Colorado. That should make things alot easier ! Amazingly enough, we should be used to moving. This will be our 6th move in 6 1/2 years. Holy cow, I've never really added them up before, that seems like way too many. I'm hoping we can stay put for a little bit. Plus, moving is a really good way to de-clutter. My husband thinks that I'm a pack rat. He has no idea what he's talking about. Basically, if I haven't used something in the past year then it's gone. And that is a very broad time frame, I think. I have many family members who could not fit into this category. It could be inherited, but trust me, not to me.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

More waiting...

So we recently found out that because we are buying a bank-owned home that they are supposedly very busy, and that the closing date of the house is being pushed back to April 18th. Yeah for us! Ok just kidding, I'm really not very excited about this. It also means that we will be in temporary living for most of the month. Luckily, Kels work will pay for it, otherwise I would be a little upset. We're crossing our fingers though that things will be pushed through as soon as possible.

As you can probably imagine, I've been daydreaming about what it would be like to live in a real live house again. Here are some things that it would a entail.... And yes, you should feel very lucky you don't live where I do right now...

  1. It won't smell like cigarette smoke when the neighbors are doing their thing.
  2. A heater that won't blow cold air on your head while your sitting on the couch.
  3. A back yard, and a front yard for that matter.
  4. Won't have to listen to snoring neighbors in the middle of the night, along with the occasional screaming, swearing fights)
  5. The oven will work ALL the time, and the door will open all the way.
  6. A counter space bigger than 2x2.
  7. Brielle will have room for her own bed (most the time Kyrie and Brielle sleep in the same bed because I'm too lazy or there are too many toys to pull out the trundle bed).
  8. A master bathroom, wahoo!
  9. Finally somewhere to scrapbook!
  10. A pantry instead of storing food in the laundry room, and no more appliances sitting on the floor.

I don't mean to whine, but these are some of the frustrations that I live with, and I'm sure the list could go on a lot longer, but I'll stop here before I bore you to death. Needless to say, the waiting is getting unbearable, but we're being as patient as we can. Only 22 days left, and we are out of here!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Brielle!

Three years ago little Brielle came into our family. And like every child, she has her own crazy little personality. She is the complete opposite of her older sister, and proud to be that way. We would be a dull family without her infectious humor to make us laugh every day. Her little accent produces funny sounding words that are now often used jokes in our
family. She has a proud spirit that oftentimes bends her parents will to her own. She has a
quick mind, and before she was 2 1/2 , knew all her alphabet, numbers and could easily navigate her favorite computer games. She insists on working in her own "math book" (kyrie's old kindergarten workbook) every day that Kyrie works in her school books. Her favorite color is yellow, and loves Disney's princess Belle, whom she happens to share a nickname with.
She loves to visit her Dad at work, pretend she's a kitty, and she would eat ice cream for every meal if we let her.
Perhaps her favorite thing to do is tease her sister. Whenever Kyrie is feeling down or about to cry, Brielle
always says: "You know always helps?... Cry about it!" in a
silly voice that always makes us laugh.
She loves playing "the behooter", or computer in laymans terms; especially winnie the pooh, and mickey mouse club house. She also has a fondness for My little Ponies, and littlest pet shop.
She is not very shy of strangers and often says Hi to all passerbys.
Yes, Brielle definately brings life and personality into our family. We love her very much, and today celebrate her birth!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Indoor ant farm

Oh gosh, we have ants traveling through our kitchen. They have been scavenging for a couple of days and I just haven't gone to the store to get any ant poison yet. At first Brielle would scream every time that she saw one scurry across the floor, then she would go and get the broom and sweep it up. She even got on the phone while I was talking to my sister in law to tell her how much she hates ants. This dear sister thought she was talking about aunts, and even her specifically, until I explained to her our little infestation. I had a good little laugh.
Tonight's activities were a little different though. The girls have become attached to our little guests, and have started picking up the ants and playing with them, letting them crawl all over their hands and arms, yeah, yeah, you get the picture. Well, one died, probably from being picked up, pinched and or dropped so many times. Oh geez, Kyrie started crying. I start hearing things like "oh what have I done", and "he was a true friend". I could scarcely breathe for laughing, when Kyrie made Brielle, and herself state an "oath" that "they would never harm another ant again", with the hand raised and everything. Goodness, this has gone on long enough, I'm off to get some pest remover in the morning.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Come play with us!

For anyone interested, I would like to have a huge playdate at the Jump Zone in Columbia, on Wednesday, March 5th, at about 12:30 (We can change the time if some of you would rather take older children). It's Brielle's birthday, and we would love it if you could come and celebrate with us. And please let anyone else know who may not read this note.

The address is 7175 Oakland Mills Road, Columbia MD 21046.
For any other info, and also 2for1 pass go to JumpZone. We're looking forward to seeing you all there!