Friday, February 29, 2008

We finally received an answer...

Praise the Lord the waiting is finally over, and that he has blessed us so generously! I got a call this morning and the bank liked our offer the best. yipee! I can now rest at night knowing that we will have a place to live when we move. I am a very strong beliver of positive thinking, and that what you focus on you get more of (good or bad). We did feel really good about our offer, but this was one of those situations that you can only feel that way for so long before your all your hope dies out. I was seriously trying not to stress too much from not knowing... Crazy thing though, I even went as far as making a list of everything I wanted in a house before we went looking, even the price that I wanted to pay. And I got it. This was the only house that had it all. Freaky, huh?
Ok, for those of you who have been waiting, the house that we chose was house #3, and I will say that it wasn't the nicest looking house on the outside, but it was the best inside, and largest. Of course, just about every house will need a little work, but the price was so appealing, that it will be far more than worth it in the end. Kel is just excited that he can finish the basement the way HE wants, and have his own man-cave. The only thing that I'm sad about, is leaving such a wonderful ward. Thank you to everyone that has reached out to us. I'm sorry that we have been a little reclusive, but I hate saying good-bye. I thought that if I didn't make as many friends that it would be easier to leave. Very silly thinking on my part, I won't make the same mistake.
The best news I think is that we are moving to a six-day market where all car dealerships are closed on Sunday, so I will finally have a husband to go to church with. I'm so excited. Hopefully the move will go just as planned...wish us luck!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kyrie's big surprise

A couple days before we left to Colorado, Kyrie started complaining that her teeth hurt, and that she had a hard time biting into apples. So I checked and yep, she had a loose tooth. I hoped that it would be her gray tooth (she pulled a tiny shopping cart on top of herself a couple years ago, and it's been disgraceful ever since). But no, it was one of her bottom teeth.
Kyrie wouldn't dare let me wiggle her tooth, and there was no way she was going to wiggle it herself, even though I told her that it would come out sooner. I hoped that maybe she would figure it out so she could eat normally again.
Well, you can imagine our surprise when we got home from our trip and I noticed that there was a gap in her mouth. I asked her about it, and she just looked at me a little weird as if she had done something wrong. She never even realized that she had lost her tooth. At this point, she started getting worried because now she didn't have anything to put under her pillow for the tooth fairy. So I mentioned that maybe we could write a letter explaining what happened. Kyrie didn't waste a moment and got started on it as soon as we got home. Of course, I was trying to unpack and get cleaned up, but managed to help her spell a few words. Also, Kyrie had to draw a little picture/diagram to show Ms. Tooth Fairy which tooth she lost. Sure enough the Fairy came that night and left her 25 cents.
Kyrie came downstairs early the next morning with her money to show her surefounded belief in fairies. She even started clapping to show how much. I could only laugh. Kel mentioned to her that maybe she would get more money next time if she had a real tooth to trade with the fairy. I guess that was a subtle comment that I was way too cheap. I suppose I am, but a quarter is still exciting to her, so why inflate it. I'm sure she will be asking for more money any day now, let's just cross our fingers that it's not too soon!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

House Hunting

Well, it's been a whirlwind of a weekend, and the sad part is, it's not over yet. We started out with high hopes of finding a home easily, there seemed to be so many on the market that we liked. But by the time we got there many of the homes that we wanted to see were already in escrow, or sold. It was a very frustrating few days, headaches and all, as we had a hard time finding anything that we really liked in our price range, and coveted area. We looked at 20 homes the first day, and about 10 the next. It was really quite easy to narrow it down to the three we liked the best. We put an offer down, and can you believe it there are now four offers on the table, so we are patiently waiting to see what happens. Scan through the houses that we liked, and choose which one you would pick.... sorry there's not anymore pics, I took my camera, but forgot the memory card, you'll just have to imagine.

House #1

This is a 2100 sq. ft house with partially finished walk-out basement, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath. A fully landscaped yard with a playset in the back. A large master bedroom with 5 piece master bath. Walk-in closets in every bedroom. Large updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances, upstairs laundry, and Gas fireplace. Asking price $219,900

House #2

Kel's personal favorite, a 1800 sq ft 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath (no basement), wood floors, 2 way fireplace, green and tan colored walls, large corner lot with back porch, lots of details like lighting, vaulted ceilings, completely move-in ready! Asking price 219,000

House #3

A bank-owned, 2600 sq ft, 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath. Unfinished basement, gas fireplace, loft, Above average kitchen, with stainless steel appliances. 14'x20' (huge) master bedroom with 2 closets, and 5 piece bath all tastefully tiled. Unfinished back yard, with views of Pikes Peak. Only needs a good cleaning, offered at $189,900

Maybe you can guess which one we picked, I'll let you know as soon as we hear the good OR bad news. Hopefully that is sooon.

Colorado Springs is quite the booming town, it is considerably larger than we imagined. Shopping galore, and all the outdoor activites you could want. I know we will stay very busy. We sampled many new resturants throughout our daily activities, missed our girls, and got very little sleep, ok Emily got very little sleep ( I worry and fret way tooo much). The high elevation (around 6000 ft) dried out our skin, and can make breathing harder at strenuous exercise. They say that you can sunburn a lot faster because the air is thinner and you are a mile closer to the sun. All in all, it was a very fun town. We are excited to move to Colorado Springs and make our home there.

Friday, February 15, 2008

A post for Kel

Ohh geez, here I am reading everyone else's valentine posts and feeling very sorry for myself. Of course Kel worked about 12 hours yesterday, so we barely saw each other at all. So I had a little pity party and watched Emma (the BBC one with Kate Beckinsale), and Becoming Jane. I'm a die hard romantic (thus the Austen movies), surprisingly though, I'm not that sad, because Kel makes it up to me throughout the year, and not on just one little holiday.
As a surprise, I made him the traditional sugar cookies that he is always begging for, and took them to his work (it's a surprise because I say I'm not going to, but I guess since I do every year it's not really a big surprise). I took enough that he could share with his friends, but I think he ate most of them himself. He is my little sugar fiend. And for those of you who don't know, Kel's nickname for me is the "Sugar Nazi". Funny, Funny, I know our relationship is a little backwards and sometimes I wonder how we get along, our tastes are sooo opposite. But because of this, both of our interests have broadened significantly. And I'm so thankful that he loves me AND all of my weaknesses (which are quite alot). Who else would stick around with a compulsive perfectionist like me. He puts up with a lot!! He works soo much to support our family. I love him dearly, and I guess this little post has turned into my Ode to Kelly. Love you Babe, Happy Late Valentines!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bag tagged!

Ok, so Jeri tagged me. Now I have to reveal all the embarrassing-ness of my bag. So here goes...

A green little Candies bag. You either hate it or love it! I've heard both.

Bribes - for the kids in the form of candy... shocking to even think that this is in my bag, but I was being generous.
dress-up ring
coupons (expired)
phone card (normal people have cell phones)
fingernail clippers
4 different chapsticks
nemo tickets
spare pull-up
hair clip
and a whole bunch of garbage that I HAD to filter out!
Ok, now I tag Randi, Brooke, Tracy, Deb, Jen
But only if you want to...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nemo on Ice

It's not very often that the kids and I go out on a field trip by ourselves. Kel was supposed to go with us but bailed to go to a silly auction. So I had to recruit the help of my dear friend. Now that I think of it, I should have paid her to drive up to Baltimore with me. That place is crazy! I would have got us lost for sure. Thank you Jeri! I owe you!

Our day was so much fun. We got some amazing priced tickets to Disney's Nemo on Ice through the homeschool group. And they were great seats- row 8. Lucky us, I'm going to miss these field trips when we move. The show was such a delight. The cast so energetic it was hard to keep your eyes off them. The costumes were amazing. Such bright colors, and there were even fireworks. Wow! What a fun time, Brielle was asking the whole time, "where's nemo, where's nemo", and she was a little frightened when the big whale came out. She said "oh no, he ate the fishies, I hope he doesn't eat me". Kyrie loved seeing Bruce and the other sharks, that's odd, I guess they weren't scary at all. I loved all the little baby turtles. Kyrie can't help herself and says "Rock Dude" all the time now, just like Crush. It was hard taking pictures, but here are a few...

After the show we stopped at Panera Bread. And I am sad to say that this was my first time ever? Where have I been? It was so yummy, I am going to have to frequent there more often. I guess this is good-bye to Subway.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Kyrie's Addiction

I feel like a horrible mother.

As you all know we are moving in 6 weeks and I am busy trying to clear out some unneeded things. And as of the moment I have about a foot high stack of pictures like the one above. For anyone that can't tell, it is a picture of Tigger in the hundred acre woods. His body is kinda blending in with the trees in the foreground. Click on the picture and it will be clearer. There are also mountains and trees in the background. The flowers and ladybugs are stickers (an unusual item around here). This is a very simplistic picture for Kyrie, she very often has so many things going on in one page, you can't tell which way is up. But she is getting a lot better. She tells me she is going to be and artist, and go to art school.

The trouble is, even though I know that I can't keep every single picture, I feel rotten because Kyrie puts her heart and soul in to each piece. Some days she will spend up to an hour or more on one picture. And I'm just chucked a whole stack of them in the garbage (I keep the really nice ones). I shouldn't feel bad, I know, the whole lot will be replenished in a month or so, and she forgets about them a few days later. Some very complex with a handful a fairies flying around the home tree, others not so much with only a few unicorns. Sometimes I get mad at her for using so much paper. She uses up 3-4 pages AT LEAST in a day. She's a monster when it comes to art! She even sneaks paper or draws in her school books. Often I'll find faces in the numbers of her math problems...

But this is her thing, something she really enjoys, so I feel like I should just let her go. Let her draw up a storm. Who knows maybe it's the same with every child this age, but I still feel bad for throwing away something she put so much energy into.

Austenland - you must read it

So I just got done reading Austenland by Shannon Hale and wanted to add my comments to those who have so far. Actually, I have to confess I read it 2 times, but just because I was bored and I haven't returned to the library to pick up a new book, that, and I too have a crush on Mr. Darcy. Is he too good to be true? The girl in the story sets off to find out...

I have often wondered what it would be like to live in Elizabeth Bennetts day and age, and the author puts it quite in perspective. I thoughly enjoyed the unexpected twists and turns, and in the end all turned out as I expected. The only thing I didn't see coming is how the book changed me. I see in alot of ways how I have been looking for the perfect man (in my husband), and I was not accepting his own charateristics and also the reality in life. I've been waiting around for life to be perfect and thus not living it completely. What a tragic tale I hope others do not get caught up in. The book was very entertaining, some of the dialogue was a little repetitive from Austen books, but that's ok- "make haste" is always a welcome phrase. This book is for anyone who is a die-hard Pride and Prejudice fan!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Free Agency

Nothing of interest going on in our lives at the moment, except for taxes, yipee. Oh, and we had a little picnic dinner in our living room tonight. It was refreshing to mix things up. The kids couldn't wait to eat because it was something different, which was quite a bonus instead of force feeding Brielle. She's my little junk food junkie. Kyrie was never so resistant at my attempts to feed her healthy food (kel calls me a lettuce head). She ate salads, avocados, and things of the like as a 2 year old. Broccoli is her favorite vegetable. Or was, maybe still is. She would snack on carrots and apples all day long if she could. But little Brielle is just like her dad. Carbs and sweets is her thing. I still have hope for her of course, not quite giving up just yet. But man, it throws me for a complete loop to see these little sisters act completely opposite. Don't get me wrong I'm glad they have their own individuality, but it struck me a little stronger tonight as I was pondering my lesson for my CTR6 class on Sunday. The lesson is of course, on choosing the right and free agency, and I realized (again) how grateful I am for choices even when I am trying in vain to get Brielle to go to bed at 10:30 at night. (Yes, folks she had a half an hour nap this afternoon, and the eight o'clock bedtime is shot.) Ah, good times, here's to little children to teach us gratefulness in all things!