Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well, just so I don't feel like a complete slacker this Christmas, I thought that I would at least put up a few pics. Sorry I didn't send out any Christmas cards, or keep up any time honored traditions (sorry Jeremy, no Peppermint Log, maybe for New Years) . I just hope that what we did share as a family will be well remembered. We were alone again this Christmas, which made me a little sad, but nothing could dampen the excitement of Christmas morning. About all the pictures that I took were at least in some way blurry because I could not get the girls to hold still for one second. Usually we will take the morning slow, open the stockings, get breakfast, have some kind of order opening presents, but not this year. I was content, for some reason, to just let the kids pick their own pace. We opened a few, played for a while, opened some more, and it didn't really matter whose turn it was or even whose present we were playing with. It was a joyful morning with no pressure to have anything perfect. I know crazy, huh? Kyrie got a ton of arts and crafty things, a watch she's totally been begging for, dolls and a huge dollhouse, some cool clothes.... Brielle got a crawling Pinkie Pie, dolls, furReal pets, a flashlight she won't put down or turn off, a huge amount of chocolate she consumed right away, a remote control carriage, pony house, yeah, they both received too much in my opinion, but so worth it to see the look on their faces. They don't get spoiled very often. My favorite was the fairy tale stories recorded onto CD by Grammy Jan reading them out loud. My kids listen to tapes and CD's every night at bedtime and this was perfect! New stories for them to listen to, and they are already getting well used! Kel got me a essential oil diffuser, I think that I've wanted one of these for a few years now. He of course, got a new 42" TV. The sad part of that present was that he had to stand in line for it the day after Thanksgiving to buy it for himself.

So that's our Christmas in a nutshell, I'll post more when my pregnant brain can think again.

Pure Christmas Joy!

A very short blurb of the kids with their presents, it cuts off when I run out of memory.
Brielle's favorite word lately is "awesome" it makes me laugh every time I hear it...

Monday, December 22, 2008

My own marathon

Is it just me, or do Sundays, which should be a day of rest, seem more like a marathon day. Well, that's what yesterday felt like. We had an appointment with our Bishop a couple of hours before church (it's the 1:30 slot for us) so no sleeping in. Then it's home to prepare a lesson because I'm a huge procrastinator, get two little kids, and myself ready. It still takes me an hour to pick our what to wear even with my limited pregnancy wardrobe. Which by the way, I think that I am hugely sensitive to other peoples unthoughtful comments. Someone said, as I'm trying to squish through a little stairway after meeting santa at our church, "watch out, mama belly coming through". I'm sure they were just trying to be nice and make some room, but my goodness make it sound like I'm a freight train or something. So as you can see with comments like that floating around, I would rather be as inconspicous as possible. Oh yeah, so back to Sunday....we rush off to church early so I can get in a little practice on the organ which I've never played in my life. Quite an interesting experience by the way, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Did you know, that an organ will pick up the lightest of touch even if you didn't mean to touch it? Me either, but it does. Thank goodness my ward was very patient. So after singing in the choir and postlude playing the organ, its off to wrestle with a bunch of 4 year old Sunbeams for two hours (there are usually 8-9 in my class, this week only 3. A nice Christmas present to me). Then its rush home to make dinner, scarf it down, run some Christmas presents to neighbors, then go over to a friends house for dessert. I'm not complaining, it's just days like this leave me utterly exhausted, and wondering what are sundays for?? I think that I have a few good ideas for some New Years Resolutions...

P.S. Kyrie asked Santa for an I-pod for Christmas, and Brielle just wants a big piece of chocolate??? And I can't keep those two away from the presents under the christmas tree.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

husband tag

Husband tag

So, a friend tagged me a while back, and here I am finally getting around to it.

*What is your husband’s name:Kelly Joseph

*How long have you been married? 7 years

*How long did you date? 2 weeks

*How old is he? 29

*Who eats more sweets? He does

*Who said I love you first? that's up for debate

*Who is taller? He is

*Who can sing best? He only sings in the car when no one can hear, so I would like to know that too...

*Who is smarter? He is.

*Who does laundry? He puts one load in the washer and I do the rest. I think that's kind of a hint he needs some clean clothes.

*Who pays bills? He does.

*Who sleeps on the right side? I do, it's closest to the bathroom.

*Who mows the lawn? He wants me to, but I say I don't know how :)

*Who cooks dinner? 99% of the time, I do. The real question is will He eat what I cook?

*Who drives? He says he has better reflexes, so I make him.

*Who is first to admit they are wrong? Him.

*Who kissed who first? He did

*Who asked who out first? The first time we hung out was with about 20 kids and NOT a date, because pre-missionaries (me) don't date. But he asked Me to come.

*Who wears the pants? I'm pretty bossy, but he doesn't let me boss him around so, its mutual.

Now, I tag YOU!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


So the day has finally come that I have been waiting for, for at least 3 years. Kyrie's grey tooth has come out (she bumped it pretty hard after tipping over a mini grocery cart on herself when she was about 3 1/2 years old). The dentist did have to extract it, which made Kyrie a little sad. She has been complaining about not being able to bite into things all day. But there was a little infection that we wanted to get rid of. I asked the dentist if she could tell by x-ray how long it might be before her permanant tooth comes in, and she thought within 8 months. Holy cow having a gap for that long would really bother Kyrie, but it had to be done. Well after the procedure, we found out Kyrie's permanant tooth is already coming in, it was just coming in behind the grey tooth. It should move up to it's normal position by itself. Otherwise we will be having braces or retainers of some sort, which I already planned on. Yipee, doesn't she look cute with a toothless smile?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

29 weeks

Alright this is for all you unbelievers out there. Some pics of me at 29 weeks. Just don't laugh too hard, I hate taking pictures of myself, especially with a timer! I think they all look dumb and almost erased them all! But here you go.

Yes, my pants are really buttoned, but as a disclaimer, they are a size larger than I normally wear, that's why they still fit. Because believe it or not, I have gained as much weight now, as I did with my entire pregnancy with Kyrie.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ok, so I've had a nice little sabbatical from blogging for the past month... I seriously don't know where the time has gone, sometimes I feel like I'm losing my brain. Ahhh, I love being pregnant. And yes, I'm still wearing normal pants even though I'm past 7 months now. I just can't be comfortable when my pants feel like they are falling off. Call me crazy, but I hate tugging my pants back up every 2 minutes! A few other things that I love are, burping after every single thing I eat (I even take enzymes people), getting the intent scan over from complete strangers as they probably try to guess how far along you are, tummy rubs, mmm not even going to go there. I love drinking my concoction that closely resembles swamp water almost every morning (you would probably be disgusted by what goes in there so I won't tell you), bathroom breaks all the time, having to bend over and it feels like somethings going to burst, you know the usual, but I'm going to stop there or it will sound like I'm a complete whiner....I know all you other moms have shared in my troubles so I'm sure I can make it another couple of months. Months, wow, that sounds like so long, but time feels like it's running out so fast. And the list of things that needs to be done keep getting longer.....

We did just get home from a 2 week stay in Utah for the holiday, it was just me and the girls, but it was a good trip. I got to eat as much pumpkin treats as I could, which honestly I couldn't fit THAT much extra, I was a little bummed. The whole eating for two doesn't really work out for me... oh well. We were excited to come home to our first snow storm of the season, but sorely let down when I basically melted the next day and was almost 60 degrees again a few days later. This crazy Colorado weather, not at all what you would expect. Well I'd better go, it's time for another bathroom break. I'll try to stay better caught up...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween costumes

A crazy halloween this year. Kyrie had 2 halloween birthday parties, a zoo extravaganza, a neighborhood party, a ward party, and of course trick-or-treating. At first she wanted to be a witch (a good witch- that still looked traditionally bad) so I made her a costume ( which wasn't nearly up to par as Project Runway, but I was still proud of myself since I made it up as I went along). I guess she didn't like it very much though, because after wearing it to one party she opted for something completly different to the next party. A snow fairy, wearing a white dress and a crown. Even then to the next party she decided to be something a little more tradional, Cinderella. I keep asking myself, why did I spend so much time making the first costume when she would only wear it once or twice??? But then again, I guess this holiday only comes along once a year and is an oppertunity to dress-up as much as she likes. I shouldn't try and stop her.

Brielle on the other had was completly content just being a unicorn, or "unitorn" in her words. BUT, she would correct you if you called her a horse, mylittle pony, cowgirl or anything of the like. At least I have one semi-easy girl.

Pumpking Carving

Well, I must confess, I have intentionallly been keeping myself way from the computer lately. I don't know why, other than Kel has been out for buisness for almost two weeks, and it was too annoying to think about blogging while I'm home alone, so I did all I could to keep busy.
Kel got home late the night before Halloween. SO we saved our pumpkin carving til he was here. He wasn't too happy that I saved this particular activity til he got home, but the kids wanted so badly for him to be here to carve with them, so he willing obliged (he hates everything pumpkins). Notice the look on his face. The kids designed the faces--a must, he did the carving, and I cleaned out most of the insides. Why do I always get the messy jobs??? Kyrie did get alot of hers, Brielle wouldn't even try, and there was no way Kel would even get close to the gunk inside. He gagged once or twice just smelling it. I could only laugh, am I so mean making him share this moment with his kids?It doesn't flick off no matter how hard you try...Love kel's disgusted face...

This is actually a couple day after halloween. Kyrie's is on the left, and Brielle's is right.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

pumpkin patch

This is one of my favorite seasons. It excites me to see the colors change, and along with that, the harvesting. We planted pumpkin seeds in our backyard, and had nice big plants, but for some reason or another we only got about 5 pumpkins. This was kind of depressing since we worked so hard....Luckily for us though we got the chance to go to the pumpkin patch with our little preschool group. And this one was a special one, Venitucci Farms. It was owned by a kind old man, who passed away this year, who had such a kind heart that he would give every child that visited his farm a pumpkin of their very own. In past years, the amount was somewhere around 20,000 pumpkins. That's a lot of happy children because of him. We were sad to hear he is gone. There were only about 5,000 pumpkins this year to give away, and luckily we were able to receive one. We thank you Mr. Venitucci, and hope your legacy lives on....
Every time I asked her to pose for the camera, she insisted on sitting on the pumpkin.
Brielle is always eager to smile for the camera. Sorry there are no pics of Kyrie, she went to a different pumpkin patch with her school, and of course I forgot my camera.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When did this happen?

Since when do your children come home from Joyschool with this on their paper?
I noticed the writing on the paper but just passed it off as some little scribbles. Upon closer inspection saw that it was her name. Albeit, her nick name, but still, I didn't even know she knew how to write letters. I asked her if she had someone help her write it, and she said "No, I did", with and angelic look on her face as if she's been writing it forever. I didn't believe her so made her write it again, and sure enough, she wrote it and it looked even better the second time. I then asked her if she could write Belle, her other nickname, and she did with a little help only on the e. I was stunned.
And by the way, Brielle has a couple of names that she goes by, Brielle, Belle, (she outgrew the Belly), and Ivy. The last name she calls her nick name, she also intoduces herself as this name, and you can't call her other silly little names crazy monkey, it's only IVY. Will she change her name as she gets older? It seems undoubtedly. I guess we'll find out.

Another crazy growing up thing she does lately is her own Reading Time. After Kyrie is done reading, she has to read her own book out loud too. She puts her finger under the words and repeats them after me. I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing. She's only three for crying out loud, and still my little baby for a little while longer, what is going on? What ever happened to being content with just looking at the pictures?
Brielle has to go and change all the rules. She's always been the rule breaker, for instance give her two choices, she always picks the third, her own. She has had her mind made up since day one, and there is no changing it, trust me I've tried. She a challenge, but also a gift. Thanks you Brielle for teaching me patience, oh yeah, and no more growing up until I say.....

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Man, I got tagged by Randi. Here's the game, Name 6 unspectacular quirks about yourself.

Here are the rules:
1. Mention the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 other bloggers.

1 I absolutely cannot go to sleep at night, unless I have brushed my teeth and said my prayers.
2. I am not a morning person, I have a hard time getting out of bed unless I have a purpose
3. I love sleeping in clean sheets (so far all of these quirks have something to do with sleeping, I think I'm tired.)
4. I think I'm turning into my Mother, I used to dislike how she just threw together meals from left overs in the fridge, now I find I'm doing it myself.
5. I'm still afraid of the dark. For Reals!
6. I like working and playing in the dirt, even the way it smells. I like to think that I'm part of the earth, and love beautifing it.

Ok, there you have it a few quirks. I'm supposed to tag 6 others, but I don't dare, so if you want to play this game then go right ahead.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Where does the time go??

I'm reminded every time that I get on the computer that I should probably blog about something, but I keep waiting till something profound can come out of my mouth. Lately, I keep being reminded from friends that I am still doing things I probably shouldn't be. For some reason or another being pregnant just hasn't gotten through my thick skull. Even though I just went to the midwife, and she tells me that I'm now 20 weeks and halfway along. I just keep thinking where did the time go? (By the way, some people still get mad at me becuase I didn't tell them I was prego. I'm barely showing, I think I just look fat) So I've created a little list of things that maybe I could cut back on. So if you see me or talk to me, help me remember.

  • stop moving wheelbarrow after wheel barrow of bricks to the backyard for a patio
  • no more digging trenches to improve water run off in the back
  • moving a whole truck load of manure to improve soil conditions is probably not the best
  • sand is not very fun to move around either...
  • picking humongous kids up is not good for the back
  • not getting enough sleep because I would rather spend time with husband since he's out of town about three days out of the week
  • teaching daughter how to ride a two wheelie- guess it's not so bad, get's me huffn' n puffin though
  • scrapbooking all hours of the night esp. when kids need dinner
  • moving lunch room tables about while volunteering at Kyrie's school (they won't let me do this one anymore)
  • wish I could cut back on the bathroom breaks, alot of time is wasted there!!!

There you go just a couple of the things I've been doing the past couple of week because I don't take my condition seriously ( but how can I? Life doesn't stop just because your expecting...)

PS and in case anyone's wondering, I did have an ultrasound this week. The baby was being very modest and wouldn't show a thing except for a glimpse. We are about 90% sure it's another girl. How crazy is that? Kel comes from a family of all boys, I have 7 brothers...maybe I just need more drama in my life! Any good name ideas? We can't agree on a single one!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I feel like such a nerd. But I'm blaming it all on being pregnant, and having a craving....tonight I fed my children Spaghetti O's for dinner. But before you become too shocked, know this was a 1st for them, they enjoyed it immensely and wondered why they had never had this before. Of course, I added a few of my own ingredients, so it tasted a lot better than was originally intended, but I just couldn't tell them that this was possibly a main staple in some children's diet. Now there is nothing wrong if other moms choose to feed their kids this tasty meal, but for my own it was a special treat, one they may never have again. Only because I look for something a little more wholesome, like mac n' cheese. I'm just kidding. It was enough this one time for me to relive my own childhood memories. I remember hoarding a whole can to myself, adding the cheese, and spices, picking up each individual O on the end of my fork (this was sometimes a lengthy process). MMMM the good ol' days. I could be missing home a little too much, or maybe I'm just pregnant...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And you thought you would have to drag it out of me

Shocking this would be a hard post for me to write, but maybe it's time that I come out in the open and freely admit that I am jumping on the bandwagon. I guess it would be more accurate to say that I am being thrown on the bandwagon, because I didn't really plan it this way. That being said, yes, we are expecting our third child. And none too soon, little Brielle will be 4 next March. I never planned to have such a big gap. But then I've never been able to plan anything in my life.

Time has flown by a lot faster than expected, mostly because I wasn't paying any attention to the timing, or any significant events that would tell me when I was due. So at the ultrasound yesterday, it was quite a shock when the baby was measuring almost a month earlier than I initially thought. I just thought I was getting really fat. The midwife estimated that I was about 17 weeks along, which would put my due date about Feb. 16. (Sorry Brooke, I didn't mean to). But who knows, it could change again. I'm just along for the ride. Sorry guys, I didn't mean to keep it a secret for so long, I just don't like talking about myself.

So there you go, you are the second person I have told so far (most people in my family heard it from someone else).

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor day activities

We've had a busy little weekend, starting with Friday, we stopped in at a art gallery that Kyrie has been wanting to go to for a while now. It was alright, they mostly had modern art, and Kyrie isn't quite into that yet. It was good to see some different styles though. While we were there, I was given a map of where a few other museums were and found this park quite by accident. I love happy accidents! Turns out there was this huge revolving art sculpture that had water flowing out around it at the bottom, and it was OK for kids to play in! yea! So, we ended up hanging out out for a while. I hoped they would just get their feet wet, but they did about everything but drink the water. A little rain cleared the park out so we almost had the place to ourselves. I wanted to take pictures but they didn't cooperate very well. Sad part was I practically had to drag the kids away. Afterward we went and stopped at a pioneer museum, but didn't stay long because the kids were sopping wet and freezing cold. I am finding that the more we get out and about, Colorado isn't quite so bad. I guess I just take longer to get used to change.

Amazingly, Kel had the day off on Saturday, which doesn't come by too often so we started our day off early. We thought it a good idea to see a couple of the sights around town. First we went to the Manitou Springs cliff dwellings. The kids enjoyed climbing in through the houses and seeing first had how the Indians lived first hand. That is until they got in trouble for not listening to their parents. Their idea of "exploring" left them a little lost amongst the dwellings and crying for help from a stranger. We could have gone in and saved them the trouble, but thought they needed to learn a lesson. Did they learn it? I have no idea.

Next we went a for a short hike and lovely scenic drive through the famous Garden of the Gods. Yes, it was a very short hike because someone was in a very grumpy mood, so we decided to leave early . The mountains were very beautiful. Kel and I decided that we would have to come back by ourselves because maybe the kids were still a little too young to appreciate it.

We were on our way to the zoo next, so a certain child could cheer up, but then, suddenly clouds came out and it started to rain ( and the zoo was a bit crowded) so we decided to go up to the "Shrine on the Mountain" which was included in our zoo membership and explored where it was a little less crowded. Turns out there is a little castle (dubbed by princess Kyrie, which is what we had to call her while we were there) dedicated to Will Rogers almost at the top of the mountain. The view was amazing. I almost started getting afraid of heights, almost. There was even a little chapel inside, I don't know why, but the whole thing was very ornate.
It was very unexpected to see such a sight so out of the ordinary all the way at the top of a mountain, but maybe that's what made it so nostalgic.

By, this point a few of us were worn out so we headed home for a short nap, and rejuvenation for the evening activities. We headed over to the balloon festival, which I guess is a big deal, because most of the Colorado Springs citizens were there to see the lighting up of the balloons. There were a ton of balloons and it was a fun sight to see. We were able to go right up to one of them and Kyrie and Brielle could sit in one. I couldn't believe how hot it was by them, of course they had their own little furnaces built right in.

We returned on Monday to watch the morning lift-off. Many balloons flew right over our heads,
touched down on the lake and then lifted off into the sky. Some didn't quite make it in the lake because of a slight wind. But it was fun to see them try. This must be a weird Colorado tradition, I guess it happens every year, and some of the people really get into it, anything for a little entertainment I guess.

The rest of the day was spent with some friends, playing at the park, and then dinner and games at home. It was a very packed, but enjoyable Labor day weekend.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

another first

So, I've finally done it, received my first speeding ticket. Driving for twelve years, and this being the first, I feel kinda good, but goodness, it was a doozy! I guess since I've been able to cheat fate for so long, it decided to pile it on!!! So let me give you the short run down of all that happened. It all started 2 months ago, the girls and I were just arriving into Colorado Springs from a crazy long almost ten hour drive from Utah. We had had about every unwanted event on the list, car breaking down (almost this time) a million potty breaks, child throwing up, crazy construction traffic, and boy was I tired at 2am when we finally arrived. By the way, I missed Kel's birthday by two hours. Then in all my deliriousness, I finally got caught a construction zone.... 25mph over...and my kids had taken off their seatbelts to sleep "comfortably"...and I couldn't find my registration. It was lovely. So here I was fretting for two months about how horrendous my fines were going to be, and also that I had to go to court. The only thing I could think of to do was pray for help, so I did. Luckily, I didn't have to see a judge or anything, just some kind of attorney who went over my rights. She actully was really nice, grew up in the same town as me, graduated about the same year, went to college in the same town. Kinda strange, I think she did me a huge favor. I showed her my insurance card, so that was dropped. Then gave her the reason for the seatbelt incidence, and that was dropped. She then gave me the fees for my ticket, and I thought the price was kinda low, also only 1 point against me, and no defensive driving course like I thought, but didn't say anything. So I went and payed and it was over. It wasn't till after I looked over my court order that I found out just how nice she was. She had written down that I had only driven 5mph over the limit. I was shocked but very very grateful, who knows what the bill would have been if it were spot on.

I did have the question all the fees though they included:

Victim's assistance fund $10
Family Friendly surcharge $1
Traffic Fine $70
Court Costs $21
Court Security Cash Fund $5
Tramatic Brain Injury $10

Weird, I'm being charged $1 so they can be family Friendly??? I hope it's for some good reason. Oh well, I'm glad it's over, I've been crossing my fingers for too long. Let's just hope that I don't get another ticket any time soon!

Monday, August 25, 2008

School update

Just a quick update, Kyrie finished her 1st week of school pretty smoothly. She thinks that school is pretty long, but she's getting used to the schedule, as am I. 6:30 am does come pretty early, but it's not as hard as I anticipated. Amazingly enough I do get more work done. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier??? Kyrie has made 1 friend at school so life isn't all that bad. She loves the art class, and even enjoying learning Spanish. Driving to and from school everyday is kind of hectic, but getting easier.
Brielle is really excited to be starting Joyschool next week. I think she's getting bored of playing all by herself. Hopefully a little more interaction with other kids will soften the blow of now being home with just mom all day. She turns 3 in March but is amazingly, the oldest in the group. I'm a little curious to how this will turn out. The kids will all be so young....and I'm used to teaching 4 and 5 year olds. Hopefully I can keep up...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kyrie's first day of school

The day has finally come, I was anticipating something much more dramatic, but I'm so glad that it wasn't. Kyrie and I talked about her first day quite a bit so that she wouldn't be scared, and I think that she did rather well all things considered. We missed back to school night because we were in Ut, so everything was very new to her. Only a few tears welled up, but were soon gone as she talked to her new teacher.
It was very strange not to have her around all day. A little too quiet! Brielle played by herself most of the day while I caught up on a few things.
Sad thing was after she came home, I felt my heartstrings tug a bit as I realized that she was different somehow, more grown up, more mature. She wasn't just my little Kyrie anymore, little by little, she's going to have to face her own battles, and I can't always be there to protect her. It seems silly, I know, but we all get to learn this lesson sometime. It was just a bit abrupt for me. All I can do is try and be there for my children as much as possible, and hopefully they will figure out the rest. It was a big, big day.